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Customer reviews
“I discovered a wonderful product” Ms. Sayo Shirahata (age 83)

I looked everywhere for a suitable mattress without any success.When
I came across True Sleeper, I thought I might give a new mattress another try.

After a few nights on my new mattress, I felt refreshed and actually began looking forward to having a good night’s sleep.

My health improved quickly and I became more active and started visiting friends and family again. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

* Personal comment.

“I only wish I had found True Sleeper sooner!” Ms.Maiko Yoshida (age 57 )

With my old mattress I could not sleep well and
I was always massaging my body parts because they hurt.

I would fall asleep but it would start to hurt and so my sleep was
always light and I never knew how long I actually slept.

I started using True Sleeper and I forgot about massaging myself and I realized that I didn’t need to anymore. The mattress gently cradles me when I sleep on my side and the best thing is that it does not hurt anymore.

I really feel that getting a good sleep is the most important thing in my life. The load of being tired and stressed has been lifted because now I get such a good sleep. I wake up every day refreshed and I say to myself
“Yes! Today I am going to be the best that I can be!”

* Personal comment.

“I can't believe I can get such a good sleep for this price!” Ms.Imiyuki Noji (age 51)

I play sport and I often get injured. I happened to hurt my shoulder one time and when I slept on it, it hurt and I could not sleep for days.

Then I started using the True Sleeper and I was able to sleep comfortably on my side. My shoulder sank into the mattress and it was soft but had just the right firmness and it felt like I was being gently held and I could not feel the pain any more. I also stopped turning in bed and waking in my sleep.

At first I was only concerned about getting rid of the pain but then I was able to have such a deep sleep and felt so refreshed in the morning. It was then
I thought that 'True Sleeper' was amazing.

* Personal comment

4 reasons to select True Sleeper Premium
It is manufactured using 100% luxury 'ultra-visco-elastic' memory foam material.

Originally developed by NASA to be used by astronauts,
it has excellent elasticity and restoration properties.
True Sleeper Premium's '100% made for sleep' memory foam material changes shape according to your body temperature and pressure as if it were custom made for you.

Applying pressure→After release

Evenly distributes your body presure easing the stress on your shoulders and hips.

A normal mattress will concentrate body pressure on the shoulders and hips causing blood vessels to become constricted restricting blood circulation which then causes stiffness. 'True Sleeper Premium' distributes body pressure and gently cradles your entire body.

Distributes body pressure and gently improves blood flow.

It maintains your ideal posture when sleeping keeping backbone naturally straight.

When your the spine is not straight it causes an additional weight transfer onto your neck & hips.
‘True Sleeper Premium is made from memory foam material which assists with the alignment of the spine into its natural position.

'True sleeper' will gently support your ideal posture.

It is easy to use

There is no need to buy a new bed frame or mattress as the 'True Sleeper' fits easily onto any bed or on top of your existing mattress. Simply put True Sleeper in place and enjoy a good night's sleep

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True Sleeper

The superior memory foam mattress that ensures a great night’s sleep just by it on your existing bed or mattress.

Shop Japan True Sleeper Premium

The superior memory foam mattress with a superb level
of elasticity and recovery.

Shop Japan True Sleeper Single Size
( 970mm x 1950mm x 50mm )

10,995 P

Shop Japan True Sleeper Semi-Double Size
( 1200mm x 1950mm x 50mm )

11,995 P

Shop Japan True Sleeper Double Size
( 1400mm x 1950mm x 50mm )

12,995 P

Shop Japan True Sleeper Queen Size
( 1500mm × 1950mm × 50mm )

13,995 P

Shop Japan True Sleeper King Size
( 1800mm × 1950mm × 50mm )

14,995 P

Angelfit Pillow

You have never experienced a pillow that supports you
like this before.

Shop Japan Angelfit Pillow

Unlike a regular pillow, you can adjust its shape and height.
It will support a natural posture even when you sleep on your side.

Shop Japan Angelfit Pillow

3,995 P


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