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  1. *1. Cumulative shipment volume of series from November 4th, 2001 to the end of April 2012.
  2. *2. Knife block

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Are you ready to start using the finest knives and start enjoying your time in the kitchen?

What makes this knife so exceptional is that it can… cut! cut! and cut!

An exceptional quality knife set with a razor sharp cutting edge! MIRACLE BLADE

Let today be the last day of those old dull knives!
With MIRACLE BLADE, there's no need for any other
knives! Cut any food the way you want! Use MIRACLE
BLADE and start enjoying your time in the kitchen♪

Use MIRACLE BLADE and start enjoying your time in the kitchen♪

Benefits of MIRACLE BLADE…

Point1 Exceptionally sharp like a Japanese katana!

It uses high-quality stainless steel based on strict German standards,
renowned for their blade technology.

  • Cut through tough pumpkin skin!
  • Avoid mushy tomatoes!
  • Slice delicate bread!
  • Even sushi that usually crumbles!

Point2 Outstanding durability created with special techniques

Using a special 'chill-hardening treatment' by heating in ultra-high temperatures of 1000℃,
then cooling in liquid nitrogen of -196℃, these knives provide exceptional durability.
These sharp blades will stay as sharp s you bought them for a surprisingly long time!

Special Chill-Hardening TreatmentThis is whyBrick…Metal…Shoes…Even after cutting these things…the blades don't dull!

*These are for filming purposes. Please do not attempt this at home.


Point3 Arched handle design based on ergonomic engineering.

MIRACLE BLADE not only boasts a sharp blade, but is also committed to comfortable design.

Comfortable grip with arched design

Arched handle design based on ergonomic engineering. Raised handle prevents hand from touching surface, thereby reducing fatigue.

Special purpose grip

With a regular knife, the point of applied force is far from the food being cut, causing the user to apply more force than needed but with MIRACLE BLADE, the point of applied force and the food is closer, allowing the user to cut with minimal force.

This is why MIRACLE BLADE provids easy, comfortable and effortless cutting for you!!

Point4 Cut all types of ingredients!  A varied assortment of knives

MIRACLE BLADE is a 13 piece knife set ready to cut through almost anything. Choose your knife depending on the ingredient or cooking method and broaden your repertoire.


Knife for slicing.
Suitable for slicing soft and
difficult to cut food.

Recommended for use with Tomatoes・Bread, etc.
Carving Knife(1pc)

Suitable for slicing meat.

Recommended for use with Chicken・Roast Beef・Ham, etc.
Rock & Chef(1pc)

An all purpose knife From tough foods to julienne vegetables,this multi-purpose knife can be used with a variety of foods.

Recommended for use with Pumpkin・All vegetables, etc.
Chop & Scoop(1pc)

Suitable for mincing vegetables. Thin blade is most suitable for leafy vegetables. Large blade surface is also useful for scooping vegetables into the pan.

Recommended for use with Leafy vegetables, etc.
Filet Knife(1pc)

Knife for carving raw meat.
Peeling tomatoes and carving chicken or fish skin is also made easy.

Recommended for use with Carving fish skin・Peeling tomatoes・Raw meat, etc.
Cheese Knife(1pc)

Knife especially made for cutting cheese From firm to soft, use with any type of cheese.

Recommended for use with All cheese
Table knife.(4pcs)

Table knife. Effortlessly cut even large pieces of meat. Set of 4 is suitable for use as table knife.

Recommended for use with Steak, etc.
Paring Knife(1pc)

Petite knife. Suitable for peeling and cutting fruit, or intricate tasks like vegetable garnishes.

Recommended for use with Fruits, etc.
Kitchen Shears(1pc)

Shears made especially for use in the kitchen Suitable for cutting a all kinds of food or bag. The shears have a serrated section at the center for opening lids and cracking walnuts or gingko nuts.

Each knife has its name engraved to allow easy recognition of its use.

Let today be the last day you worry about your knives! Enjoy happier cooking with the finest, razor sharp kitchen knives!

MIRACLE BLADE Deluxe 13 pc setSet includesSet price 3,995P
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Miracle Blade  13 pc set
13 pc set

3,995 P

Wood block & 4 pc Steak knife set
Shop Japan Wood block &
4 pc Steak knife set

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