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1 set is only 60 seconds! Just hop on and gently slide your legs You can get the beautiful legs you always wanted and strengthen your core and legs


TV Price of 6,995p becomes Set Price 4,995p Save2,000p
Flabby tummy If you have any of the above worries or concerns, there is no need to worry any longer!

The 'Beautiful Leg Machine' especially designed for concerned women who want to make the lower half
of their body beautiful. Introducing...

The legs you want in only 60 seconds a set. Leg Magic X

Its a unique and easy-to-use machine which
only takes a simple sliding motion.
Plus it only takes 60 seconds!

With just this you can have slim and toned legs,
a tight waistline and a shapely bottom.

My son said "Mom you are big!"

Ms. Megumi Ohira (40s)

I decided to take the Leg Magic X challenge to make a point to my son. Since starting I can feel my thighs and bottom getting tighter and firmer. It's the first time I have ever had these kind of results with anything like this. My son even paid me a compliment and said "Mom, you are beautiful".

Reaching my ideal me, inside and out

Ms. Kyoko Yoshida (30s)

I think that (1 set) 60 seconds is easy to do. And because it is easy
to do you can keep it going, getting results while it gets more enjoyable day after day. Not only did my body shape change, but my personality became brighter and I feel that
I am more confident.

But why is it possible to get results like this after only doing sets of 60 seconds?

The 3 reasons why Leg Magic X works so well

Reason1 You can tighten difficult-to-tone 'Beautiful Leg Zone'

You can work directly on the areas of your lower body you want to make beautiful. Within tens of seconds you will feel the work out in your muscles which is proof at just how directly it works these muscles.

Reason2 The incredible muscle toning effect

Your own weight creates the resistance so that you can work on your lower body.
While it is a simple design, it gets great results and even when compared with squats the difference is clear.

Whether watching TV or listening to music, it is just so easy to slide. Since it is not hard to do it is easy to stay motivated and because you stay motivated you can see the results. On top of this, there are no complicated settings or wires to deal with either. All you need is the Leg Magic X and you!

When asking our customers about the product.

The number of people who answered
"I can stay motivated"was at

It is compact and folds easily so that there is no hassle with storage or set up.

"It seems a little big.."
If this is you, there is no need to worry! Whenever you want to do a workout, all you need to do is put it on the floor, fold out the rails, adjust the handle and you are ready to go.

※ When folding to store, loosen the clamp, fold up the legs, replace the clamp and place it against a wall to prevent the unit from falling over.
※ Please store the unit out of the reach of small children.

The response from women all over Japan who said 'I finally got what I wanted' has been overwhelming!

All I do is hop on for a quick workout when my son is playing!
Ms. Kana Noshita (28) Kagoshima Prefecture

Just by using Leg Magic X I lost 5kg, and my waist went from the high 70s to around 62-63cm. All I need to do is hop on while my son is playing and so I can do it when
I want and not feel limited by time constraints. I was just having fun using it and then
I started to notice the changes.
※ Personal comment from a Leg Magic X user

I would like to say "I really did, without a doubt, get skinnier!"
Ms. Naoko Hosaka (37) Yamanashi Prefecture

Since I started using Leg Magic X I have lost around 9kg and I lost almost 10cm around my belly button. All in just one month! I went clothes shopping for the first time in a while and when I realized I had gone down three sizes I was like "Yes!". I’m the kind of person who thinks "Do you really lose weight?" and "Can it make you skinnier?". Though if someone asks me the same about this I say "It's True!".
※ Personal comment from a Leg Magic X user

The Beautiful Leg Machine, Leg Magic X 1 in 25 japanese women already have one

Leg Magic X Accessories

Support Mat
(An easy to use foldable support mat)

Place the mat under the Leg Magic X to reduce workout impact and also prevent any marking on surfaces. The mat is 6mm thick and reduces workout noise and impact as well as helping to prevent any floor marking. As it also folds up it is easy to store too!
(Folder size 38 x 50 x2.5cm.)

Adjustable Gliders
(For those who are not confident of their strength or need support with their work out)

All you need to do is place the adjustable gliders underneath the Leg Magic X and the incline and distance in your movement will change and assist with your workout. By moving the position of the gliders you can adjust the resistance, giving you 4 different levels of workout. This allows you to enjoy your workout at your own pace.

Power Blocks
(For those who want to increase their workout intensity to the next level)

By increasing the resistance in your work out work towards obtaining your ideal body shape faster When the power blocks are attached to the Leg Magic X, the incline increases, the work out load also increases and makes for a more effective exercise. 3 three blocks can be locked into the Leg Magic X with one simple click!

TV Price of 6,995p becomes Set Price 4,995p Save2,000p

Please call: 02 7795274

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