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Swivel for beautiful legs! Swivel for curves! This evolutionary exercise machine tones your lower body 360 degrees around LEG MAGIC Circle

*1 Shipment volume of LEG MAGIC Series. (Feb. 2007 - Jan. 19th, 2014)
*2 Based on opinions from 163 customers surveyed between Jul. 11th & Aug. 31st, 2013


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Success stories Amazing results in only four weeks!

Her worries I want to get rid of the 'flotation ring' around my waist!

After 4 weekshellip; Waist: 83.4cm → 66.4cm 17cm reduction Weight: 46.3kg → 43.0kg 3.3kg reduction Hip: 89.3cm → 81.8cm 7.5cm reduction

Ms. Kato (41)

"All I am doing is enjoying spinning around and then my body starts to heat up. I wonder if this is the muscles developing? The 'flotation ring' around my lower belly gradually firmed up and became curves and my bottom was lifted too! I used to need help to put on my old jeans but now I can fit into them easily. I am so happy!"

Her worries I don't want to be the 'fatty' anymore!

After 4 weeks… Waist: 94.8cm → 76.4cm 18.4cm reduction  Weight: 72.8kg → 65.9kg 6.9kg reduction Hip: 105.1cm → 97.5cm 7.6cm reduction

Ms. Ozaki (40)

"4 weeks into the workout, my kids started saying, 'Mom, aren't you getting smaller?' Turning around 360 degrees and twisting your waist really works on the love handles. I've been able to evenly tone my entire lower body. This is the first time I've ever lost close to 7kg in just 4 weeks. I'm definitely going to stick with it!"

Her worries I want to look good in slim pants!

After 4 weeks… Waist: 88.2cm → 73.5cm 14.7cm reduction Weight:76.2kg → 69.3kg 6.9kg reduction Hip: 100.5cm → 93.7cm 6.8cm reduction

Ms. Kaburagi (37)

"When I'm working out, it's easy to tell my waist is tightening and that it's toning my legs and hips. I now look good wearing my slim pants that before showed excess flab. It's convenient to use when you have some free time because 1 set is only 60 seconds. I would say that being able to continue the workout bit by bit everyday was what probably led to the results."

  • You can see the effects of a 14.7cm decrease in waist size at first glance!
  • before
  • after

* Results will vary for each individual
*These results were obtained by exercising on the LEG MAGIC CIRCLE and an appropriate nutritional diet
* Conducted during 10/4/2012 to 10/31/2012

Leg Magic Circle Online Reviews

Posted by: Moopy (Female)
Title: Bought a bright color

The color is bright but not offputting. An elderly family member wanted to train their leg muscles, so they started using it and have been very satisfied with the results. To be honest, I was concerned about an elderly person using it but it seems easy for them to use and I'm truly happy about the purchase. Thank you very much.

Posted by: Obebe (Female)
Title: Fun!!!

I was watching TV and it looked fun so I bought one right away!!!!! I've tried dieting in the past but have failed completely... But with this, you use use it for a short time and have fun moving your body which is good.(^-^) And if you use it while you are watching TV you can get so absorbed you lose track of time♪ I'm going to try and enjoy dieting again over the next few months.

Posted by: Dream Revo (Male)
Title: Pleasant pain *\(^o^)/*

The product arrived today. I just finished assembling it and when I tried using it, it left me with a pleasant sensation of pain! I ordered it originally for my mother to use but now the whole family wants a piece of the LEG MAGIC CIRCLE. I had considered not buying it, but I know now that buying it was the right answer. Thank you very much.

Posted by: Sumo Tama (Male)
Title: Pretty effective

A week since my purchase, no real changes in weight or around my stomach, but I'm feeling soreness in my muscles and it's quite helpful in resolving my lack of exercise.

Posted by: pualani (Female)
Title: Gift for my mother

Purchased this to be both a Mother's Day gift and birthday gift for my mother. She is very happy with it.

Posted by: Electric mouse (Male)
Title: My gift to my girlfriend

We were watching the commercial on TV and thought, “Is this for real?”,“It would be amazing if it was!!”,“But in the end isn’t it about our eating habits?”We bought one while having the above conversation and we are looking forward to the results. Very excited♪

Posted by: Tsubone (Female)
Title: Oooh, feel the burn!!

My lower body is in pain. I can't squat down on my legs. Well, I guess it means it's working. I'll wait until I see the results before telling friends.

Posted by: Gen-san (Male)
Title: Lack of exercise

It's been a month since buying this, but I still see no visible results! I'll continue using it with the hope of getting results. At least it's a good way to get some exercise!

Posted by: Mikko san (Female)
Title: Already feeling the burn♪

The machine is in the living room and I use it whenever I have the time♪ I began using it as soon as it arrived and my muscles were sore the next day so I can feel that it is working. I'm very satisfied because it engages the muscles around the waist, chest and back. The only issue is the space it requires since it turns 360 degrees(...) Can't be helped I guess.

Posted by: senasena (Female)
Title: Finally some results

It has been one month since the product arrived. I continued everyday without seeing any weight loss and was almost discouraged but recently I have finally begun to see a change in my weight! It's still only 1kg but I'm starting to feel an awakening in my body that had grown weak due to lack of exercise. Personally I feel that the DVD I bought separately is more suited for me than the included DVD.

* These are personal opinions.


A flabby stomach? Plump thighs? Would you like to do something about it?

I can't shed the excess flab on my stomach… I want to look good in slim pants… I want to shed unwanted baby weight and get back into shape… Due to work and parenting I have no time for myself… I've tried different methods with no results…

Introducing the evolutionary leg toning machine that solves your waist and lower body worries!!

The popular product that has exceeded 3 million sales in Japan*, Leg Magic, has received an upgrade!
A 360 degree rotating movement has been added to the previous opening and closing movement to form the


Move front to back, left to right and spin 360 degrees♪
It can be used by people of all fitness levels. Simply glide your feet freely. And that’s not all. Each set only takes 60 seconds of exercise! It's easy to stick to even for those who have busy lives.
Obtain those slender legs and beautiful curves.

*Shipment volume of LEG MAGIC Series
(Feb. 2007 - Feb. 2013)

In addition to the opening and closing movement of the LEG MAGIC… Spin 360 degrees LEG MAGIC CIRCLE

The secret to how both beautiful legs and curves are obtainable in one machine

Circle Fitness System.

The greatest feature of LEG MAGIC CIRCLE is that you spin 360 degrees in a gliding movement, made possible by the Circle Fitness System.By combining an opening and closing movement with a spinning movement, the vertical, horizontal, and angled motions effectively engage not just the lower body but even the waist area. Your body will be toned three dimensionally, 360 degrees around.

1. Slide your legs in and out and you can have beautiful legs!

Just glide and slide♪ Simply hop on the pedals and open and close your legs by moving your feet from side to side. Simple movements that engage hard to train calves, inner and outer thighs and hips to tone your entire lower body.

2. Spin and twist for curves!

Just spin your legs round and round♪ For the LEG MAGIC CIRCLE, a 360 degree spinning capability was added to the original opening and closing movement. The spinning makes the waist move in a twisting motion, and focuses on engaging muscles that easily put on fat and by toning the love handles, lower stomach and back you can create curves.

3. Increase basal metabolism and burn fat!

Just glide and spin♪ You only have to get on it and then you can easily build up to a higher intensity workout.

  • Circle Fitness System
  • Thighs Hip Waist

One set only takes 60 seconds! Get beautiful legs and curves!

Easy to use!

Stand on the pedals and glide and spin♪ All you need to do is spin, so fitness levels don't matter! Anyone can learn to use it.

Exercise in the convenience of your own home!

With this one machine, you don't need to go to the gym anymore. It's quiet and takes up little space, so you can work out anytime you want! Once you're done, even storage is simple!

Simply put, it's fun!

Watch TV while you slide, glide and spin♪ Spinning is so fun that each 60 second set passes by in the blink of an eye. You'll be able to feel the slimming effect and so you will actually enjoy the workout and want to stick to it.

  • Easy to use! iamge
  • Exercise in the convenience of your own home! image
  • Simply put, it's fun! image


And that's not all! The effectiveness of the workout is enhanced by three exclusive bonus items we have added to the kit.

Bonus1 A must-have item to help you get your ideal body! LEG MAGIC CIRCLE UGRADE KIT

  • Push Up Clips
  • +
  • Power Bands (blue)

Bonus2 First time exercisers need not worry! Guidebook(An instructional handbook)

Guidebook(An instructional handbook)

Plus, a free gift for all customers! An exclusive Workout DVD

Fitness expert Caroline Pearce guides you in exercises using the LEG MAGIC CIRCLE.
Includes over 15 programs such as the "Calorie Burning Exercise" for burning fat, "Intensive Lower Body Exercise" for beautiful legs, and the "Intensive Upper Body Exercise" using the Push Up Grip shown above. This is the perfect LEG MAGIC CIRCLE guide to help you obtain your ideal body.


With the LEG MAGIC CIRCLE, slim and toned beautiful legs and beautiful curves can be yours!!

TV Price of 8,995p becomes Set Price 6,995p Save2,000p
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