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You'll be amazed at how much it doesn't stick! The non-stick frying pan that your cooking slides right off CERAFIT

The ceramic coating means you never
need be stressed about food sticking to the pan again!

Your frying pan never used to stick when you bought it but over time it starts to stick causing you frustration. You don't want to go to the trouble of buying a new frying pan every time that happens. You don't need to worry anymore as CERAFIT is the solution to all your problems!
With a ceramic coating your food glides smoothly over the frying pan. Enjoy every moment in the kitchen with stress free cooking. Nothing burns onto the pan, so cleaning is easy!

Excellent durability prevents food from sticking to your pan ever again!

It's so durable it can even pass 500,000 anti-friction tests!* Tough and long-lasting due to coating that is scratch and scuff resistant. In addition to this, the pans are manufactured using the unique method of cold compression technology giving the blades outstanding strength! No harmful substances will be released even at high temperatures. *2 CERAFIT can also be used on gas or induction cooktops as well! *1 Testing laboratory: Implemented by and under the standards of the Consumer Economics Research Institute. Results will vary depending on usage conditions. *2 PFOA inspection by Japan Labotech Corporation

Superior heat conduction evenly cooks food to help create delicious meals!

CERAFIT employs material with excellent heat conduction properties. Even heat distribution prevents uneven temperature on the fry pan surface resulting in delicious food that cooks evenly with a beautiful finish. CERAFIT is perfect for all types of cooking. Whether it be a quickly prepared meal on a busy morning or when you want to take your team and cook using residual heat.

M size, L size (each with its own glass lid) and S size are included in the set!! Total 10,000P value becomes 5,995P Over 4,000P less!!

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Product list
Shop Japan CERAFIT
L-size 28cm pan
L-size 28cm lid
M-size 24cm pan
M-size 24cm lid
S-size 20cm pan
6,675 P

Shop Japan is the official seller of CERAFIT in the Philippines.


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